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Dorul Hikmat

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Dorul Hikmat Val Maorif

When we say Khorezm, we see a unique country that has made a worthy contribution to the development of World Science, Culture and art and laid the foundation stone of Uzbek statehood.
It is well known to all of us how the Mamun Academy, which was founded here in the early Middle Ages, gained great fame in the whole Eastern and Western worlds.
... The more we promote the history of our nation in this academy, the more it is worth. There is no such history in the world.

Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoev,
President Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan


Ma'mun ibn Muhammad (995-997) United the northern and Southern Khorezm and made the city of Gurganch the capital. During khorazmshah Ali ibn Ma'mun (997-1009), the capital became the center of Gurganj enlightenment. Famous scientists from Khorezm and other lands of the East began to come here. By the decree of Ali ibn Ma'mun, a library was opened near the royal palace and rare manuscripts were collected. Abu Nasr ibn Iraqi, who was awarded the highest title of "Ptolemy of his time" by the order of the king, sent letters to the mature olimu ulomah and invited them to the capital Gurganj. As a result, famous scientists of their time from Samarkand, Bukhara, Kuzkand, Termez, Nishopur, Balkh, Marv and even from Arab Iraq came to Gurganj. Gurganj soon became not only an administrative and economic, but also a center of science. Here were collected science figures who made a name in astronomy, mathematics, medicine, chemistry, geography, history, philosophy and other sciences from different countries of the Muslim East. Among these were the young scientist and physician Ibn Sina, Abu Rayhon Beruni and his mentor Abu Nasr ibn Iraq, Abu Sahl Christian, philosopher, physician and translator Ibn khammur, astronomer Mahmoud al-Khujandiy and others. Khorazmshah Ali Ibn Ma'mun supported the scholars in all respects and took care of them. In this way, at the beginning of 1004, in the capital of Khorezmshahs, Gurganj, a large scientific center named "Majlis al-ulamo" was formed.

Here, scientists engaged in science created large works on exact and Natural Sciences, as well as on history, language and literature, philosophy, logic and Islamic sciences. At the Academy of Sciences, about a hundred scientists worked, more than 30 of them identified the names and partially studied their works.

One of the most famous scholars working at the Ma'mun Academy is Abu Rayhon Beruni.